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The questions start off easy and get harder as they progress.

Good Luck!

1) What is the name given to Austria's 20,000 year old female fertility figurine?

a) The spirit of Gia
b) The Venus of Willendorf
c) The Vogelherd Queen
d) Nude Woman


2) Whose image is depicted by this Egyptian coffin cover?

a) Akhenanten
b) Tutankhamen
c) Ramses II
d) Nofnetete

3) In classical Greek architecture, Ionic columns are distinguished from Doric columns by
a) A less elaborate capital
b) The absence of a base
c) A more elaborate capital
d) A plainer overall appearance

4) What is the term given to the practice of worshipping one's ancestors upon whom primitive carvings are often based?
a) Philistinism
b) Communism
c) Collectivism
d) Animism

5) Considered by some to be the greatest masterpiece of Hellenistic sculpture, this statue's name was used by a popular brand of sneaker. Is it...?
a) Adidos of Partnenon
b) Reebok of Athens
c) Converse of Corinth
d) Nike of Samothrace

6) Where is this sculpture located now?
a) The Louvre in Paris
b) Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York
c) The Museum of Civilization in Ottawa
d) The British Museum in London

7) Who created a famous image depicting Campbell's tomoto soup cans?
a) Jackson Pollack
b) Ansel Adams
c) Jamie Wyeth
d) Andy Warhol

8) What painter is famous for having a "Blue Period"?
a) Pablo Picasso
b) Henri Rousseau
c) Thelonnius Monk
d) Claude Monet

9) Who painted "The Persistence of Memory" featuring melting pocket watches in a desert?
a) Edvard Munch
b) Salvador Dali
c) Edouard Vuillard
d) Piet Mondrian

10) The Horse of Vogelherd is considered to be the earliest example of art. What was it made from?

a) Horse bone
b) Stone
c) Mammoth Irovy
d) Bear tooth


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