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The questions start off easy and get harder as they progress. This weeks quiz is especially challenging.

Good Luck! You'll need it!

1) Who wrote the following lines of poetry:
"Tiger! Tiger! burning bright
In the forest of the night,"
a) John Dove
b) Ben Johnson
c) John Milton
d) William Blake

2) What was this poet also famous as:
a) painter
b) engraver
c) musician
d) sculptor

3) Who carved this wooden statue?

a) Donatello
b) Raphael
c) Michelangelo
d) Andrea Del Verrocchio

4) What was the title of the above carving?
a) The Virgin Mary
b) Solemn Women
c) Mary Magdalen
d) The Desparate

5) "The Garden of Delights" by Hieronymus Bosch is an example of what type of painting?
a) a triptych
b) a mural
c) a fresco
d) a portrait

6) Who is credited with discovering oil painting?
a) Hugo Van Der Goes
b) The Master of Flemalle and Jan Van Eyck
c) Leonardo Da Vinci
d) Rogier Van Der Weyden

7) What century did the discovery of oil painting occur?
a) 12th century
b) 13th century
c) 14th century
d) 15th century

8) What is an impasto?
a) a plaster crust
b) a bold brush stroke
c) a thick layer of creamy, heavy-bodied paint
d) a carving

9) The cities of Chartes and St. Denis were the sites of what dramatic development during the Early Middle Ages?
a) Impressionism
b) The Baroque style
c) Rococco painting
d) Gothic architecture and sculpture

10) What is the term given to given to the first genuine fusion in the arts of the Celt-Germanic spirit with that of the Mediterranean world?
a) The Carolingian revival
b) The Renaissance
c) The Reformation
d) The Age of Reason


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