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The questions start off easy and get harder as they progress.

Good Luck! You'll need it!

1. What does the term "Renaissance" mean?
A. Global
B. Universal
C. Religious
D. Rebirth

2. Andy Warhol was considered the leader of what style of art?
A. Abstract Impressionism
B. Pluralism
C. Pop Art
D. Modernism

3. An HB pencil is midway between the softest and hardest pencil?
A. True
B. False

4. In painting, the primary colors are red, blue and yellow. What are the secondary colors?
A. Orange, Green, and Violet
B. Orange, White, and Green
C. Green, White, and Violet
D. Brown, Orange, and Green

5. What impressionist painter left France as a stock broker to begin life as a painter in Tahiti?
A. Claude Monet
B. Vincent Van Gogh
C. Paul Gauguin
D. Auguste Renior

6. This painting titled "A Bigger Splash" (1967) is the most well known of a series depicting Los Angeles swimming pools and the people who surround them.Who painted it?

A. Greg Basiletz
B. David Salle
C. David Hockney
D. Keith Haring


"Some Family's Values"

7. The paintings above are by what Toronto artist who didn't begin painting until he was 25 after taking an inspirational trip through the museums and galleries of Europe.
A. Steve Walker
B. Larry Liss
C. Paul Hannon
D. Larry Decker

8. Who scuplted the first nude statute of David?
A. Leonardo Da Vinci
B. Michelanglo
C. Donatello
D. Ghiberti

9. "Jeune Homme Nu Asis Au Bard De LA Mer" (A Young Man Sitting Naked By The Sea) by Hippolyte Flandrin is from what time period?

A. 1699 - 1735
B. 1746 - 1798
C. 1910 - 1967
D. 1809 -1864


"Lady Lisa Lyon" by Robert Mapplethorpe

10. Mapplethorpe is considered a master of form, texture and contrast and has been compared to what "Founding Father" of American photography in his representations of still lifes and nudes?
A. Ansel Adams
B. Edward Weston
C. Edward Steichen
D. Alfred Steiglitz

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(Various sources. For educational purposes only.)

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