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The questions start off easy and get harder as they progress.

Good Luck! You'll need it!

1. Besides a brush, what other implement can be used to create paintings?
A. A knife
B. A skewer
C. A fork
D. A spoon

2. What movement had as its hallmarks flat, decorative patterns, intertwined organic forms such as stems or flowers, and an emphasis on handcrafting as opposed to machine manufacturing?

A. Impressionism
B. Realism
C. Art Nouveau
D. Dada


"The Thirteenth Wedding Anniversary" by Anthony Green
3. Contemorary artists ar known to be more experimental. When was the idea of making paintings only rectangular originated?
A. During the Dark Ages as a way of appeasing God in the face of the Plague.
B. During the time of the Egyptians to commemorate the four points of the compass.
C. During the Industrial Revolution to make it easier to hang paintings.
D. During the Renaissance to create a window opened on the world.

4. Italian for "at the first," what term describes a painting which is completed in a single session?
A. Scumbling
B. Alla Prima
C. Glazing
D. Impasto

5. What is the name given to a mold-made paper produced in Italy and widely used for pastel work?
A. Velour paper
B. Canson Mi-Teintes
C. Sand-grain paper
D. Ingres

"Bacchus" by Michelangelo
6. Bacchus was the Greek god of what?
A. The Ocean
B. Wine and Vegetation
C. Love
D. Sports

7. "Surge of Spring" is by what Canadian artist?

A. Emily Carr
B. A. Y. Jackson
C. Jock MacDonald
D. William Ronald

8. What style of design was popular in the 1920s and 1930s primarily in the design of buildings, furniture, and interior decor and was characterised by sleek, streamlined forms and geometric patterns?
A. Bauhus
B. Cubism
C. Post-modern
D. Art Deco

9. Who coined the phrase "art for art's sake?"
A. Immanuel Kant
B. Charles Baudelaire
C. Walter Horatio Pater
D. Victor Cousin

10. What type of art is considered the first major contribution to European art from non-mediterranean peoples?
A. Celtic
B. Roman
C. Viking
D. German

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(Various sources. For educational purposes only.)

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