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Now the challenge is interactive. The questions start off easy and get harder as they progress.

Good Luck! You'll need it!

1. The Eiffel Tower is symbolic of what age in history?

The Age of Enlightment
The Age of Romanticism
The Middle Ages
The Age of Realism and Technology

2. How was Brighton Pavilion different from earlier buildings built in the historical Romantic style?

Gothic styles were revived
The severe Modern style was used.
The Romantic exterior concealed a functional interior.
The Impressionist style of architecture was developed.

3. What was Cezanne's goal for Impressionism?
To make impressionism something as solid and durable as the of the old masters.
To make it more like Futurism
To make it more like Neoclassicism
To make it more like Classicism

4. What type of painting did the offical academic art prefer during the late 19th century?

Pop Art
Art Deco
Art Nouveau
Slick, detailed, subtly colored work

5. What artistic phase followed impressionism?

Pop Art

6. By the end of the nineteenth century what had changed in the life of western man?

The opportunity to escape into the distant past
Man as the center of the universe and controller of his destiny
The industry, engineering, and technology growing out of the Industrial Revolution
That this is the best of all possible worlds

7. By the end of the nineteenth century, who produced the lithographs now considered art?


8. Van Gogh's reality was a foreshadowing of the reality of what founder of psychoanalysis?

Sigmund Freud
Henry James
Winslow Homer
Karen Horney

9. What great Post-Impressionist artist painted this South Seas scene?

Paul Gauguin
Van Gogh

10. All above questions have something in common what is it?

The questions are all about the Classical Period.
The questions are all about the late19th Century.
The questions are all about the early 19th Century.
The questions are all about the Post-Impressionist Period.
The questions are all about the Post-Impressionist Period.
None of the above
'B' and 'E'
'A' and 'C'
'C' and 'E'

How did you do? Find the answers. Click here!

(Various sources. For educational purposes only.)

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