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Christian Brembilla

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Artist's Point of View

About the artist

Christian Brembilla was born on March 27, 1973 in Montevideo, Uruguay just 275 km east of Buenos Aires. He came to live in Canada with family and relatives in 1985. Chris learned the basics of drawing and painting through various courses taken in Toronto, Canada. He is not particularly motivated by any one artist or group. Christian believes in putting the beauty, positivity, and mystic things about life in plain view in the form of original oil paintings. This Canadian registered artist values all his paintings the same and hopes others would like to as well.

About original paintings
Every painting is, of course, unique and one of a kind. Each painting, through the use of varied and complementary colors, contrast, along with a large, standard painting size can easily become the center piece of any living or working space. The general theme the artist is trying to convey is beauty and positivity through the images created, use of colors, contrast, and painting style. Every painting has its own personality and usually conveys a simple message about life itself.

The method used to show beauty and mystic images is always evolving. Only time will reveal the new directions the artist may chose to wonder in. For now color, contrast, theme, and the image itself are the basis for Christian's artwork.

Why invest in one of these paintings? Paintings really don't depreciate but gain value over time with proper care of the art piece. Anyone can easily become attached to this fine art and enjoy its visual gratification within the home or business for years to come. It is always wise to keep proof of purchase if you ever consider selling one of your original oil paintings. Hope you will view the artist's new work from time to time and that it will be a pleasant experience for you.

Other Information

Category: Paintings

Media:Oil on Canvas

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