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Elena Popova

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Elena Popova was born in 1961 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She grew up under the artistic wing of her father, who was a sculptor and her mentor. Her memories of those early years are long conversations and formative advice, from her father and his many artistic colleagues. Only recently has she begun to understand how the spiritual atmosphere that embraced her in her youth has played a crucial role in her development as an artist.

Popova studied for six years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, where she earned a B.F.A. and a M.F.A., and was honoured by the inclusion of her work in the collection of the Bulgarian National Gallery. Popova arrived in Newfoundland in 1990 with her sculptor husband, Luben Boykov, and thier infant daughter, Ana. Now they have a second daughter, Iliyana, born in Newfoundland.

"The technique of Monotype was, for me, a fortunate discovery. I am charmed by it, because it allows me to express spontaneously and intuitively my visions. When I am painting I hold my breath, my body vibrates, and time disappears. All of time becomes one moment which I try to capture by becoming one with it. Sometimes I am made out of pain, I see myself crying over the human drama; other times, harmony, hope and faith fill my heart. These states make me paint, vibrate and sense life to the fullest."

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