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Holly Carr

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Holly  Carr


Holly Carr studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. She graduated in 1988 with a BFA and a BAED. Upon graduating, Holly took a silk painting workshop at Dalhousie University's costume studies department. She applied her painting skills, acquired from art college, to silk. The medium continues to supply her with endless possibilities.

After graduation, Holly moved to Saltspring Island in British Columbia to hone her craft. While living there, she sold her work in Victoria and on Saltspring Island. In 1989 she returned to Nova Scotia to teach art full-time in the public school system. After Holly's teaching term ended, she created Carr Wearable Art, specializing in hand painted clothing and accessories, while continuing to pursue a career in fine art. Her fine art work has contributed greatly to the originality and creativity found in her wearable art, and conversely the skills she acquired from the sheer volume of work produced for Carr Wearable Art has enhanced her technical abilities. Since then, she has participated in various group and solo shows.

Holly's work is hand painted on silk. Each piece is a one of a kind creation. She uses various silks chosen for their quality and the way they absorb dyes. Various items are hand quilted for added texture. Her subject matter is inspired by her surroundings and the humor she sees in everyday situations, ranging from bold florals to social satire. The size of the work can range up to ten feet or more.

Holly has gained notoriety in Nova Scotia for her unique style of silk painting. She has appeared on various radio and television programs representing her work. Holly's silk paintings are in both private and corporate collections.

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