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Halldor Sigurthorsson

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I was born just after the middle of the last century in Reykjav?k the capital of Iceland. Young at age my family imigrated to the USA where my father tought me to draw ships and cars ( he had been tutored by a reconised Icelandic artist ). We moved back to Iceland and my father got into the car trade. In my early teens I followed in his footsteps and learned the trade of fixing and painting crashed cars and mastered that trade. But my teeneage dream was to be a Musician or a Painter in wich I started to persue 18 years ago. I have attended night schools and painted live models with a group of people, all this time tutored by over a dosen of top Icelandic artists and in this time learning the handwork and exploring if I could put my mind together with this handwork to create art.

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Category: Paintings

Media:Oil on Canvas

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