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Jacquie Vaux

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Jacquie  Vaux


The realistic wildlife fine art paintings and prints of Jacquie Vaux begin with a deep appreciation of wildlife and the environment. "In my wildlife art, I represent each animal as realistically as possible. I strive to represent, in my wildlife paintings and prints the individual personality of a particular animal at a moment in time."

Jacquie Vaux grew up in the Northwest, which is rich in wildlife. Jacquie enjoyed observing the native wildlife of the area. The wildlife was a thrill for young Jacquie to observe and paint.

She was encouraged in her pursuit of painting wildlife fine art by her grandmother.

Jacquie now lives in a wooded area in the Rocky Mountains, which is abundant in wildlife. Jacquie Vaux views wildlife on a daily basis. This inspires Jacquie when she paints her fine art wildlife paintings.

Jacquie and her husband Jim enjoy many photo outings where they photograph the wildlife for reference material for Jacquie's wildlife fine art paintings. Jacquie gathers inspiration from these wildlife photos when she renders her fine art wildlife paintings and prints.

Jacquie works in many different painting media for her wildlife fine art paintings. This includes Acrylic, Oil paint, Gouache, and transparent watercolor. The substrates that Jacquie uses for her fine art paintings are Belgium linen, for her oil paintings and Acrylic paintings, and 100% rag heavy weight Arches watercolor paper when she uses Gouache or transparent watercolor.

Jacquie paints very large paintings up to 4'x8' and as small a 6"x 8".

Jacquie publishes her fine art limited edition Giclee prints on fine art canvas and heavy weight 100% rag paper. Her fine art Giclee print editions are very small editions of 50 in number and 100 in number.

Over the past thirty years Jacquie's fine art paintings have been published in fifty different wildlife fine art print editions, which have all sold out. These fine art prints continue to go up in value.

Jacquie's newest Giclee fine art limited edition prints are in great demand. Wildlife art collectors world wide who want the very best of today's collectable wildlife fine art paintings and prints are buying Jacquie Vaux's artwork.

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Media:watercolour, acrylic

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