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Oleg Bezyuk

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Oleg was born in 1959 in Rivne. His father, Leo Bezyuk, was a well-known Western Ukrainian monument sculpturer and his mother was pianist. He studied art at an early age at the Children Art School in Rivne (1970-1974). From 1966 to 1974 he worked in father's sculpture atelier. As an adult he studied at the Lviv Acedemy of Decorative (1985-1990) in Applied Arts (painting, sculpture, ceramics).
1980 to 1985 - monument sculpture and design (Rivne)
1990 to 2000 - working in atelier ( painting, sculpture, ceramics)
1983 - Diploma of VDNH of Ukraine
1984 - Diploma of VDNH of Ukraine
Works by Bezyuk Oleg were sold to private collections in Canada, USA, France, Germany, Poland, Israel, Russia, Ukraine.

Recent Exhibitions and Shows

1992 - City exibition "Victory day" (Lviv)
1993 - "Lviv Spring '93" - republican exhibition
1993 - personal exhibition in "Gothic Hall" gallery (Lviv)
1995 - personal exhibition in Actor House (Lviv)
1991-1996 - group exhibitions in Lviv
1999 - Import Shop Berlin
2000 - Import Shop Berlin
2001 - Art Deco show, New York, USA
2001 - Featured April artist by gallery(London based), more than 200 talented artists.

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Category: Paintings

Media:Oil on Canvas

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