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Oleg Sahaydak

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Oleg  Sahaydak


Oleg Sahaydak. Born in 1951in Ukraine. In 1973 I finished the Odessa Teacher Training University, at the Art department. I was a research worker in the Art Museum and teacher of Art in the Art school in Odessa. I had practical studies in museums of Berlin, Varshava, Belgrade, Moscow, St.Petersburg, Kiev. I took part in Art exhibitions and personal exhibitions, and PR projects. I was a candidate to the Ukrainian Parliament. I have family, a son and a daughter.
Yacht captain, 1987,Diploma degree, to long- 90ft, HP-150, about 30 years yachting experience.
1986-1992 Commander of the Sea sport Club, organized many walking tours and water marches, sailing races about the Dnepr-river, the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea with teenagers, made four routs on four Sail Yachts around the Crimea.
As a Commander in 1989 organized the International Yacht race "Sail for Peace? with sailors from Poland, France, and Ukraine. The Race was made around the Crimea. After that tourist Route Poland-the Ukraine and the Crimea were made.
As a Yacht-captain instructor made four charts seasons about the Dnepr-river and the Black Sea, The Crimea, Bulgaria, Turkey on 45ft Sail-cruiser Yacht.

Motivation- continue traditional image philosophic conception in art.
Meditation and search for new aspects, forms, techique,color.
Popularisation history of kossaks and spirit of freedom.
Popularisation thema for peace (organisation sales regates add exhibitions).

Technique- from realism to mysticism and expressions impressionism and expressions abstractionism.

The article from our town Nova Kakhowka newspaper the Narodna tribuna. 04.02.1994.
By Rose Sidorenko.

Oleg Sahaydak is well-known painter in the town of Nova Kakhowka and Kherson region.
He often exhibits his painting in the town pictures gallery. At the moment the personal exhibition Of his pictures is taking place there.
Studying the history Oleh Sahaydak follows the traditions of the group called The Gileya, which was founded at the beginning of century XX in our place. In his work Oleh Sahaydak uses different styles and methods, he does his best make his pictures expressive, that?s why, color and its different hues are of the Great importance in his paintings and it tells us about the painter?s devotion to the traditions of the expressionism. In his new works Oleh Sahaydak gives up the clear drawing, the clear contour, but the parts of The landscape, are connected into one space environment.
We admire the changeable sparkle of the different colored hues in his pictures ?Spring flood?, ?Golden autumn?,?Among the flowers?. In his works ?Anew yacht? ,?Start? and others the painter uses decorativeness of the color. This method makes it possible look for a new form of the art expression.

The article from our town Nova Kakhowka newspaper the Dilovi nowiny 12.11.1997.
By Rose Sidorenko.

Tavria?s history in colors.

The name of the professional artist Oleh Sahaydak (born 1951) is well known to the residents of Nova Kakhowka. More than 30 years closely connected with arts. His first exposition of drawings and pictures was given by him the local pictures Gallery.
On graduating from the Odessa Training University Oleh Sahaydak works as a scientific worker of the Gallery combining of theory and practice.
He takes part at expositions and teaches the History of Art at the University of Culture.
As a rabid adorer of Yachting he put the Black Sea more than once. Has been to Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey.
During last five years 20 thousand visitors have seen his pictures. More than hundred pictures and drawings are in the private collections all over the world. In 1996 President of the Ukraine L.Kuchma presented picture ?Heatman Sahaydachny? for Prince Abu Dhabi on the warship ?Heatman Sahaydachny?.Lider Party ?Nasha Ukraine? Viktor Yushenko have landscape by Oleh). Red.
The History of the Ukraine is his favorite them especially the History of Kossaks. Most of his Pricelist and Details works are revived the Glorious history of the kossaks-knights Heatman(headman) Sahaydachny (Sahaydak) is one of his last pictures. Heatmsn?s (chief)-personality is phenomenal, the interest to him verges on some mystic admiration. Such is the age of the Ukrainian Renaissance.

The theme of kossaks is also reflected in his pictures The Patrol, The Kasi-Karmen, The Islam-town.
Others works are interesting as well. His vanguard pictures are full of expression they are different on sense and technique undoubtedly. His pictures strike by its rich pastel emotional sonority, which the Master attains using the large color differentiation. Some dabs put on the Canvases fix and stress the color nuances helping searching. For sensation of unreal words...
Quiet peaceful and realistic sceneries have found their adorers. We hope the public will found the expanse for mind and heart and feel be the participant of search in art, feel the creating freedom assembly halls, mosaic, bas-reliefs, and monument to kossaks as well.

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Category: Paintings

Media:Oil on Canvas

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