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Pol Ledent

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I was born in October 1952 and I am a teacher in Dinant.

I came to painting in 1993 and began experimenting some watercolours. A friend of mine noticed there was something worth to be explored, starting from these first watercolours. He encouraged me to begin experimenting oil paintings. I made my first oil painting in August 1995 and since then I have not stopped painting. I have now 150 works being worth to be displayed. Of course, I consider myself as an amateur. What is most important to me is the fact that I just enjoy myself and that painting brings me real happiness.

I mainly paint landscapes of my countryside (The Belgian Ardennes in the South of Belgium, the French-speaking part of Belgium).I try to paint these landscapes in a very unreal way , assembling very unusual colours in this part of the country. As far as the characters are concerned, I am very much influenced by expressionistic painters. If I were obliged to classify my work in a category , I would put it in post impressionism.
-Pol Ledent

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Category: Paintings

Media:Oil on Canvas

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