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Rian Huybregts

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Rian,born 26 August 1953 Etten-Leur started painting and drawing in 1993 and soon discovered that this all what she likes. She took lessons at art-institute Beeldende kunsten Hoogstraten one of the best institutes in Belgium. There she learned various techniques, especially oil and acrylic.

She is inspired in her art by people and animals. She loves to paint Asian people. In her work she combines Realistic with Mystic and Mystery. You will love her work as many visitors at her exhibitions do.

Since 1995 she constantly exhibit in solo or group-exhibitions. At group-exhibitions she is often rewarded with the public award.

Recent Exhibitions and Shows

1995 Elisabethshuis Etten-Leur
1995 Raadzaal Etten-Leur
1996 Elisabethshuis Etten-Leur
1996 Raadzaal Etten-Leur
1997 Elisabethshuis Etten-Leur
1997 Havik Etten-Leur
1998 Elisabethshuis Etten-Leur
1998 Raadzaal Etten-Leur
1999 Elisabethshuis Etten-Leur
2000 Elisabethshuis Etten-Leur
2000 Raadzaal Etten-Leur
2001 Elisabethshuis Etten-Leur
2001 Trowkerkje Etten-Leur
2001 Monuta Zevenbergen
2001 Monuta Etten-Leur
2003 Avoord Etten-Leur
2003 Raadzaal Etten-Leur
2003 v.Gogh route Etten-Leur
2004 Kunstbeurs Winkelcentrum Etten-Leur
2004 Avoord Etten-Leur
2004 Raadzaal Etten-Leur
2004 Kunst route Rijen
2004 Kunstbeurs Menmoerhoeve Etten-Leur
2004 Kunstbeurs Menmoerhoeve Etten-Leur
2004 Cumel publieksprijs gewonnen Etten-Leur
2005 Avoord Etten-Leur
2005 Trouwkerkje Etten-Leur
2005 Montmartre Etten-Leur
2005 Kunst route Rijen
2005 Kunst route Rijsbergen
2005 Kunstbeurs Menmoerhoeve Etten-Leur

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Category: Paintings


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