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Rick Jarvis

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Rick Jarvis has only been exhibiting his work since the end of 1999. After a career as a professional counselor to the disabled, he began his studies in glass art. Aside from few weekend courses from some of Seattle's most inspiring glass artists, he is essentially self-taught. What ever skills he possess come from diligent reading and extensive experimentation in his studio.
His first exhibition was at the City of Kenmore's First Annual Art show where he was awarded First Place in 3D work for his piece entitled "Around Africa".
He was one of the 190 artists of 500 applicants chosen for the prestigious 1999 Terrace of the Arts Exhibition, in Mountlake Terrace, WA
He has had his work displayed for a six week show at the Adam East Museum in Eastern Washington.
His work has been displayed and sold at the Pratt Fine Arts center in Seattle.
His work is in galleries in the Seattle area and on Whidbey Island at Langley.
His unusual style of glass working has been recognized both nationally and internationally and is currently being considered for a new book about kilnformed glass being compiled by Brad Walker.
While he is not a formally trained glass artist, he brings to his work a sense of wonder and magic. Without undue influence of traditional methods and techniques, he pursues his craft into frontiers of his own making.
Description of the Work:
These discs are individually hand made using the kiln forming process. He takes several hundred or more pieces of colored glass and places them in a kiln and apply heat until the glass is molten Using a variety of techniques and methods that he has developed, he encourages the glass to flow and layer based upon his design. Each piece is one of a kind work of Art. Possibly no other artist produces glass using his methods and techniques, which makes his work even more distinctive and collectable. Please visit his web site for additional details.

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Company Name: You Can Kiss My Glass

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