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Born in Yerevan, Armenia in 1955.
He is a graduate of Yerevan's Panos Terlemezian High School of Fine Arts in the Oil Painting Division.
Following graduation he worked as an artist, sculptor and restorer of antiques. In 1983, he was admitted to Yerevan's Academy of Arts, Sculpture and Design and graduated from the Academy in 1988. He, thereafter, migrated to Canada and settled in Toronto. In 19994 Serge was commissioned Deco Art to decorate the stage for fashion show and theatre on the occasion of "Carnevalle di Venezia" in Dudai, U.A.E. While in Dubai he managed to create 14 (4 x 8 feeet) oil paintings with Venetian sceneries in four days. Italian and local diginitaries were also present.
In 1995 Serge was commissioned to create works of art for Italian and Australian galleries. Serge has had various exhibitions in Yerevan, Moscow, Leningrad, Dubai, Porticcio, Australia, Italy, and Toronto. His artistic work can can be found in private and public collections in Moscow, Yerevan, Leningrad, Paris, Belgium, Germany, Dubai, Australia, U.S.A., Italy, and Toronto. Once in a very long time we are blessed with an artist whose new vision and form leap from the canvas. Such an artist is Serge, whose presence has had a great impact on the Toronto artistic community. Creating form and figure, his brush flows in perfect harmony with the subject in a style as unique as Picasso, Miro, and Modigliani. Through combination of color and shape, he creates movement, fascination and mystery.
With a vision seldom seen since the last century his colors join to bring together every subtle detail in a unique expression of feeling and joy. The canvas springs to life with passionate color. Serge's talents were discovered at an early age, followed by years of study. As well as painting, he is an accomplished sculptor and restorer of antiques.

Recent Exhibitions and Shows

Greenhill galleries, Australia
Hotel De Casavone a Porticcio
Praxis Gallery, Toronto
Canadian Art Advisory Services, Toronto
Cobourg Art Gallery, Cobourg
Gallery Phillip, Toronto
The Robert Mede Gallery, Toronto
N & N Antique & Fine Art Gallery, Toronto
Old Master Gallery, Toronto
Lebovic Gallery, Toronto
Rembrandt Art Gallery, Toronto

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Category: Paintings

Media:Oil on Canvas

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