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Sarah Jackson

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Sarah  Jackson


Artist Sarah Jackson has been creating artwork for over fifty years. Over time, Jackson has created works using a variety of media, while her subject matter and over all essence of expression has unity. Jackson began her career as a sculptor of bronze today she works primarily on computer. The evolution from bronze to computer image has included sculpture with styrofoam, ink drawings, t-shirts, mail art, book art, and xerography. In this exhibit we have chosen a tiny sampling of her work to hint at this evolution. You will have the opportunity to view a large retrospective of Sarah Jackson's work at the AGNS in the fall of 2001.
Sarah Jackson is an artist who continually experiments with new technology. Through the years, she has moved from working with bronze sculptures, drawings, bookworks, photocopier art, to creating her digital paintings with a Macintosh computer. By combining her knowledge of photocopiers, she achieves a personal language with nuances of color, texture and forms in a highly individualized expression.

Awards and Accomplishments

She was Artist in Residence at the Technical University of Nova Scotia where she directed the Art & Technology Program. She has taken part in One Person and Group Exhibitions in Paris, London (England), Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Halifax. Her work is in the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, and in the National Collection of Fine Arts (Smithsonian Institution) in Washington, D.C.; the National Gallery of Canada; the Art Gallery of Ontario; the Musee des Beaux-arts de Montreal; Canadian Postal Museum; the Tate Gallery in London; and the Musee d'Art Contemporain, Montreal.
Articles have been published on her work in numerous Canadian publications. The National Film Board of Canada recently sponsored a film directed by Ramuna Macdonald entitled, "Sarah Jackson". Halifax 1980.
COMPUTERKUNST ('98-'99) in Germany; & a winner in International "Pisa Biennal '99 Exhibition".
A retrospective of her work is planned for 2001 at the Nova Scotia Art Gallery.
She received an award of excellence from the Art Museum Association of America whilst she was Artist in Residence at TUNS.

Other Information


Category: Drawings

Media:Ink and Wash

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