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Timo J. Harju

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Born in 1976 in Kouvola, Finland, he had always felt a strong passion towards creating images. He has never been attending to any artschool, since he upholds the principle that art isn't something you can teach, nor to guide at. The essence of every artist is in his or hers personality, which art only amplifies. After gaining a deniable reputation in underground computer community "Scene", where he is still today recognized from his original and personal approach in creating images on computer. He still works active on computer art, as a freelancer, working for various clients. In 1997 he felt computer art didn't no longer give him a full, complete freedom to express himself, and he turned again on to the very thing that did start his path of creativity, ink. After helding two exhibitions with medium success, he continued this form of art but also introduced himself to oil colours, in 1999.

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Category: Fantasy Art


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