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Vibor Cavor

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Vibor  Cavor


My name is Vibor Cavor. I was born on December the 10th 1978 in Zagreb, Croatia... Since I was born I was drawing and painting whatever came to my mind. Life was quite fair at that time... The only thing I had to do was go to school and draw whenever I had the time to... I went to SCHOOL FOR APPLIED ARTS AND DESIGN later on (1993-1997)... My time spent there was great. I have learned a lot. And most of all I came to understand myself and what I really want from art. Yes I do believe I captured exactly what I needed to express with my art... The essence and the real inspiration comes from my childhood days... It was a great spiritual time and it all seemed so unreal. Like I dreamt it all. I must say that I was one of the few kids who had a very happy childhood. My art brings me back to it all. Looking at my works from a stranger's point of view it seems very unlikely that what I say is true, but to me it is... I treat my works like my own children sometimes because that is what they are. They came from me and they represent me from inside. It is my kind of impressionism. Some would say that my art is dark, pessimistic and not positive. But it isn't like that to me. To me it is melancholic. For example see the explanation for the artwork called WIDOW. Life for me at this moment and especially 4 years ago was hard. I had to do all kinds of jobs to live. But if a man has a spirit then he has no problems. My art was an escape from the real world I am living in. It is a positive kind of art, spiritual and mystical. Why mystical? Because mystic places amaze me. I think that if one has a wide imagination then he overcomes life in all of it's dark moments. That is what I have done. I live in my own world and I come out of it whenever I have to... No, I am not on drugs as some would think. My drug is art itself. Doing something that lifts your spirit higher has a better effect than drugs. It doesn't kill, it makes life easier and better.

As a student I had an exhibition in a SCHOOL FOR APPLIED ARTS AND DESIGN I attended in Zagreb. After that I had one more exhibition in a small town here in Croatia. Till now I have not accepted any rewards for art achievements because I didn't run for any awards. I have chosen this moment to try a breakthrough in art because I found myself ready to step into the art world. Of course even if I try I couldn't make it here in Croatia because it is not possible. My country is not the kind of country that would give artists a chance. Therefore I see the future for my art outside.

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