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This section was developed to help artists and art lovers to learn more about the arts and how the Internet is playing an increasing role in the art scene. This section will inform you on:

Do you want to learn how to make your home or office look like it was decorated by a profession? Inside are tips that will help you get started. Now you can meet our artists and enjoy the beauty and culture of Nova Scotia, Canada.
How much do you really know about art? Well find out and you can even win an award. Two beautifully illustrated stories for your reading and seeing pleasure.
Did you ever want to make your own web site or online gallery. This section teaches the tricks of how to create a successful site. What is the difference between a lithograph and an etching? What is an aquatint? Find out and see examples of actual art work.
Looking for other places to buy art or to learn more about art. Visit our great links. This site has been recognized for it contribution to the Internet as an online art resource
Get your art work restored by professionals. ar appraisalsFind artists or have your artwork appraised.