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We are always searching for new talent, however, we are careful about the artists we choose. It is important that we retain our high standards. If you are an artist, would like to join, and become part of the community, then please review our contract agreement:

Contract Agreement:

This contact outlines the arrangement of artists who wish to list on It is set up to protect the interests of the artist and of the site. Global Net Trade agrees to provide the following services:

  1. Master card and Visa credit card transaction capability for the selling of the artist's work on the site.
  2. A biography page on the artist and a page(s) for a gallery of the artist's work.
  3. Special e-mail accounts for the artists at a charge of $5/month. It is not necessary for the artist to have this e-mail account.
  4. A prompt message to the artist when one of their items is sold.
  5. The ability to change the items listed. Artists need to ask for username and password for the database access where they can make modifications to their galleries.
  6. Artist promotion on the World Wide Web.
  7. Free database access to add, remove, modify the artist galleries and biography pages. The artists can add an unlimited number of paintings for sale. However, all artwork must be hand made one of a kind work.

An artist who wishes to be listed on must agree to the following conditions:

  1. The items listed on the site for sale can not be sold in another venue while listed. If the artist wishes to sell the work in another venue, then the item must first be unlisted. To de-list the item 3 days notice must be given to process the request. This is a necessary condition as it prevents purchasers from buying a non-available item. If the item is sold within 30 days of de-listing the item the commission applies.
  2. The artist is responsible for the delivery of the artwork to the client.
  3. Once the purchaser has approved the item, Global Net Trade (the parent company of will pay the artist for the cost of the item minus the commission and credit card handling fees.
  4. The artist must ship the item within 5 business days after the receipt of order.
  5. Global Net Trade retains the right to refuse listing privileges to artists who are deemed as unacceptable or who make fraudulent claims or who submit work which is not their own.

    (General artist)

    The cost is free though receives 30% on sales and biography page is also included for free.

    (Featured Artist)

    Additional service where the artist is listed on the home page of for $1000/year.

    Note: The featured artist receives additional traffic and promotion compared to the general artist. However, both receive biography and gallery pages for exhibition of their work.

    The following charges apply to both the featured and general artist memberships:

    • Change of listings no charge
    • Commissions to be deducted on the cost of item at time of sales depending on membership type:
      • 30% new artists
      • 40% new artists, areas with Art Brokers

    Note: 90 days notice will be given for any change in our fees.

Signing Up

The information supplied here will help us to create web pages for you.

Contact Information:

Name (First, Last):

Street Address:


Postal/Zip Code:



Home/Web page:


Fax #:

Please state, which contact information you would like to have available on the site.

Please type in the following text: captcha


(This information should be e-mailed to

Please include the following:

A picture of yourself (preferably black and white)

An Artist's Statement, Awards won or Achievements

Places where your work has been exhibited

Type of work: (ex. pottery, carving, weaving, sculpture, painting)


Name of the item (if applicable)

Pictures of the items you wish to list. (Slides*, Photographs*, jpeg)
(*Note: Slides and photographs will be returned to the artist after they are processed)

A brief description of item

For paintings and prints state whether the item is framed or unframed.

Marketing: Price of the item (in US dollars)

Size of the item (length, width, height, weight)

Shipping and handling fees (What it costs for you to send it by surface to a customer to the US/Canada or overseas including your handling fees and insurance)

If you have any further questions please contact us at:

Our business address is:

An Online Fine Art Gallery
166 Saint Nicholas Cres.
Vaughan, Ontario
L4H 3E6